The Struggle Is Fiction

June 4, 2017




Being a writer is a lot of things I never thought it would be.  It is a high like no other when people connect to your work.  It is also soul-crushing when all you see is a brick wall standing between you and getting your work "out there."  What does "out there" even mean?  I feel like there is a fine line between being proud of/marketing your book and alienating all of your friends and family members because you keep throwing bookmarks at them every time you get together ;). 


Sometimes (like yesterday) I say to myself "I.Give.Up. And I am never writing another novel as long as I live."  And then my laptop smirks at me (MacBooks are pretentious.  They smirk).  So I back up my latest work one more time before I close the lid.  Because I can't just stop writing.  Even if I stopped marketing, deleted my social media accounts, stopped selling books, I wouldn't stop writing them.  


So instead of keeping my hasty promise, I ate a lot of pretzels and a peanut butter Clif Bar, shopped a little bit online, and got a massive caffeinated beverage from Starbucks, and I sat down to learn how to write a press release.  Because even though I can't stop writing, 90% of the fun part kicks in when other people read it.  So if you're a reader, and you like an author's work (especially an indie author!) do let them know.  It will save us from having passive aggressive conversations with our computers.  And if you're a writer... well, you're not alone.  And if you ever want to commiserate or brag or vent or whatever over DM, email, chat, whatever, hit me up :). 


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