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Nicole Campbell

Forgive my breaking of the rules.  I can't write my bio in third person—trust that I've tried.  

I am passionate about telling stories involving all types of relationships- parental to romantic to platonic.  I've written mostly YA fiction but my newest release will launch me into contemporary romance, and I'm so excited.  


My life has taken me from a small midwestern town to the sprawling desert, and now I live amongst the trees in the PNW (and I'm never leaving!). For fifteen years, I was a classroom teacher, and it was actually one of my students who encouraged me to write my first novel based on a short story I modeled in class. My students also served as my drive to write stories for young adults that tell the truth and represent a wide range of experiences. I am now carrying that passion into the adult readership space. 


With the endless support of my family and friends, I have completed six young adult novels that touch on everything from first love to abuse to grief and mental illness, and there are three more titles on the horizon. 


I exist purely on caffeine and sugar on most days, but I do attempt to do yoga every now and again to balance it all out. When I’m not writing, I’m also a mom, wife, homeschooler, project coordinator, anxiety sufferer, romance reader, and tarot card reader. Sometimes, I’m also a person. Not necessarily in that order.

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