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She’s a psychic, a witch, and now unemployed. He’s a former MLB shoe-in who’s managing his dad’s hardware store. Reluctantly, they ignore their failed relationship from the past to help each other rebuild from rock bottom.
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After a spectacular end to her fledgling career, Sam Marsh retreats to Emberwood for a fresh start. She hopes to see what options might exist for an out-of-work graphic designer and part-time witch. Sadly, she is not a wand-waving magic wielder from another realm, but simply a gifted intuitive with impressive tarot-reading skills, among other things. While she can’t conjure a spell to fix her life, she hopes some small-town magic will help.


Former Triple-A baseball player Jesse Garrett is stuck managing his father's hardware store, his dreams of the major leagues shattered. Facing a mundane reality and stalled physical recovery, he’s determined to find meaning beyond his glory days on the diamond.


Reunited unexpectedly after years apart, Sam and Jesse's awkward encounters reignite old sparks. If Sam can stop arguing with her spirit guides and Jesse can overcome his fears about the future, they might just help each other rebuild from rock bottom.

Can they turn misfortune into magic and find love where they least expect it?

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