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She’s a psychic, a witch, and now unemployed. He’s a former MLB shoe-in who’s managing his dad’s hardware store. Reluctantly, they ignore their failed relationship from the past to help each other rebuild from rock bottom.
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Sam Marsh successfully burns her blossoming commercial graphic design career to the ground with a single happy hour mishap.  As a result, she reluctantly moves in with her Stevie Nicks-esque great aunt to work at her shop, Books and Broomsticks. Sam hopes this is a speed bump on her road to independence and success, but both her tarot cards and her spirit guides suggest other plans entirely.

Jesse Garrett has woken up from the American Dream into a nightmare of mediocrity.  His MLB hopes were smashed along with his knee, and now his therapist might be his best friend. He’s fallen into managing his father’s hardware store, and he’s horrified to find that he’s good at it.  Jesse knows he has to get his life together, or he’ll end up just another guy who peaked in high school.

Though neither expected to end up back in Emberwood, it’s possible they can help each other.  That is, if they can survive the awkwardness of not talking about their fling that crashed and burned half a decade ago. Old feelings creep up when they’re not paying attention, and that throws a wrench in both of their plans for moving on… because what if they want to stay right here?

This magic-infused second chance romance will have you laughing and swooning throughout every chapter. 

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