A Broken Foot, But Never a Broken Spirit

May 22, 2017


Okay.  This is clearly NOT my foot, because my foot is broken.  My five-year-old-son (don't let his age fool you.  He is 50 inches and 52 pounds) tackled me in a fit of joy when I picked him up from school the other day, and he broke my foot.  Sigh.  So now I am in a lovely boot until the end of June.  However, being forced to sit down for long periods of time has an upside.  It is not that I will look better in my bathing suit this summer, but it IS that I am super motivated to write, create, edit, connect, whatever.  


Here's a fun story for you.  I cranked out the draft for my first novel in four weeks flat.  Yeah.  It was a terrible draft.  I mean, truly terrible.  I feel so sorry for my friends and family who read the first edition of Doughnuts.  But, thanks to hiring an actual editor and being willing to admit that I cannot edit my own work, I have become a much better writer.  I have never struggled for more than three or four days while working on a novel. Until... enter the agent querying process.  I wanted to try it out and see what the whole traditional publishing world was all about.  And I have to tell you that it killed my ability to write. 


It wasn't so much the rejection, most of the feedback I got was solid advice and made the book better in the end, but it was the WAITING.  I couldn't move on until I knew what was going on with The Tower.  In the end, I decided to move forward in self-publishing this book, not because I thought it wouldn't get picked up traditionally, but because I quite seriously couldn't work while doing all of that waiting.  And writing is paramount to my mental health.  I MUST be writing to be happy.  That brings us here.  To me making the best out of my broken foot situation.  I'm psyched to bring you The Tower next month, and I am determined to have Where Gravel Roads Lead Home ready for betas by August.  Spirits are high over here, my friends, spirits are high :). 

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